5 natural products for white teeth

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People are obsessed with the idea of having white teeth from ancient times


Do not think that only in our time we want to posses white teeth, but before we continue any further let us make a very important clarification. Every person’s teeth have a different color… You have gone to the dentist and you know that when they make you a filling or artificial tooth, there are samples of the colors of the teeth. It is pretty clear that some people are born with darker teeth.


“Beauty requires sacrifices” – have said the Egyptian pharaohs and have cleaned their teeth with a paste of pumice and vinegar. The Romans were even more original. For the achievement of white smiles, they used goat milk and urine…!


If you just got a bit sick of the above, do not worry!


Fortunately, it is now known that there are far more acceptable methods for whitening of the teeth. The British dentists offer us to start with the food. The experts note that we need to reduce the consumption of coloring foods such as red wine, coffee, black tea, cola and energy drinks!


Here is what makes the teeth white:


  1. Hard and crunchy vegetables and fruits – during the chewing, they are better than the toothbrush. Perfect choice of products: apples, carrots, cabbage and celery!


  1. The hard cheeses are also effective means of whitening, because they clean the enamel from food particles and prevent the formation of bacterial plaque.


  1. Emphasize on the citrus fruit: lemon, grapefruit, oranges and tangerines. They help by increasing the amount of saliva, which washes away from the surface any residues of food on the teeth and clean the dental plaque. Furthermore, the saliva has bactericidal properties and prevents the development of harmful bacteria in the mouth.


  1. The fruit from the family of the berries contain large amounts of fruit acids that naturally whiten the teeth.


  1. The milk enriches our diet with calcium, which strengthens the enamel and gives it a whiter color.


The British dentists advise to avoid foods that leave stains on the teeth and which are difficult to remove. For example: blackberry, pomegranate, blueberries, soy sauce and foods with artificial colors, including – sweets.




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