5 rules for skin without pimples

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Yes, if you follow these rules, you will have skin without pimples


Pimples on the skin – this is one of the greatest dermatological problems of the young people in puberty. But people between the ages of 20-30 can also suffer from acne on the face, back, chest and shoulders. In short, the appearance of acne is associated with inflammation and disease of the sebaceous glands, as well as infringement of their work. We will look at some of the reasons for emergence of acne on the skin.


  1. Be careful what you put on your face

During the adolescence, acne can occur due to lack of skin care – seldom washing, poor cleaning, and the pollution. Since the acne is present most often in people with oily skin, you must carefully choose the means with which you maintain your skin.


  1. The proper hygiene is important

Washing twice a day, morning and evening is necessary in order to have skin without blemishes. For oily skin, be sure to wash with soap. Just not too often so as the skin to not dry out completely. It is sufficient to use soap 1-2 times a week. And most importantly, never go to bed with makeup on your face!


  1. Exfoliation of the skin – do you do that?

At least once a week should be used a scrub or peeling for cleansing of the pores of the face. You can use ready products that you can find in the cosmetic stores or prepare your own at home.


  1. Proper hydration

And do not forget about hydration of the skin, it is a mistake to think that the oily skin does not need it. Water is a major component of any moisturizing product, the skin produces fat, and fat and water are two completely different things. Lightweight moisturizer should be applied after washing.


  1. Watch what you eat

To have skin without pimples do not abuse such products as cheese, coffee, and sweets.


Under no circumstances squeeze the pimples on the face! In this way you will provoke even more pimples on the skin of your face.


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