5 super clever and simple things for combating acne

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These are 5 super crafty and yet very simple tips that will help you in your fight against the so unpleasant problem with the acne on your facial skin.


Each of us has tried anything to combat acne … Why?

Is acne actually a real problem?


YES! Acne is a problem that affects not only the youth, but also the adults. One of the main reasons for the unpleasant symptoms of acne comes from hormonal changes in the body, typical of the stage of menopause and adolescence.

Other reasons may be poor nutrition and bad hygiene.


Here is what you can try to fight acne:


Sweet mask with apples and honey, which soothes the irritated skin. In order to make your homemade mask for combating acne, grate an apple and add honey – a teaspoon. Apply for 15 minutes on the skin and wash off with warm water. It is rich in vitamins and pectin, makes the skin smooth, while acting as antibacterial protection.


A great product is also the antibacterial mask with garlic. Peel and clean the 8 aromatic cloves, grind them and apply the mixture on your face for 15 minutes. Then wash your face with warm water and wipe with a cotton swab moistened with vinegar. The garlic effectively cleans the face and the vinegar balances the pH level of the skin.


Say goodbye to acne once and for all with the mask with egg. The egg mask is very easy to prepare – just separate the whites from the yolk and apply the egg white beaten in froth. Stay with it only for 20 minutes and wash with warm water.


The mask with basil is the most effective way for long-term cleansing and toning the skin with acne. Just add 3 tablespoons of fresh basil in boiling water and wait 5 minutes, then allow it to cool down. Apply the liquid on your face with a cotton swab.


Another homemade method to remove acne is with a mask with sea salt. Mix salt with water until you get a dense solution, then apply it to the skin. Wait until the mask dries and rinse your skin with warm water.


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