A few ways to reduce the enlarged pores

Image:© Svetlana Sayapina/Fotolia

1. Use foundation. Foundation protects the pores from becoming clogged by decorative cosmetics, allowing the skin to breathe.

2. Microdermabrasion. This is a dermatological procedure which cleanses the surface of skin and frees the pores from dirt and debris.

3. If your pores are very large, consult a cosmetician. He will be able to recommend a suitable procedure.

4. The awesome properties of tomatoes. Tomatoes contain acids which tighten the pores. You can either eat them or place slices of tomatoes over your face for 10 minutes (much like you have seen done with cucumbers).

5. Choose a suitable home remedy recipe. We can recommend the following one: combine egg white with lemon juice and apply to face as a mask. Wait until it dries and rinse with cool water.

6. Buy cosmetic products with a tightening effect.

7. Use blackhead strips. They should be placed along the problem areas such as the chin, nose and forehead and simply draw pollution out of the pores.

8. Select the right facial masks. Clay-based cleansing masks are wonderful and truly work wonders, but should not be used more often than once a week.

9. Exfoliate. This is the key to smooth skin. Scrubs have the power to remove all the dirt and black heads and prevent the formation of new ones, too.

10. Never go to bed with your makeup still on. Be diligent and remove your makeup every night in order to give your skin 8 hours of rest.

11. Wash your face twice a day – morning and evening. This way you will remove not only dirt and bacteria, but also the excess sebum which clogs the pores.

12. Cleansing is the basic and most important part of skin care.


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