Cosmetics for face and body – which are the dangerous ingredients that should be avoided

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It is vital to use safe cosmetic products if you want to protect yourself from skin irritation and allergic reactions. Beautifying products, whether cosmetics for face or makeup are used by any woman. However, they all contain different chemicals and preservatives that are required to keep them in a stable condition. Have you ever thought how safe are some of these products, especially those in the lower price range? The majority of the professional cosmetics contain natural ingredients that are not harmful to the health, but for many cosmetic companies in the “dark” sector comes out cheaper to synthesize them chemically and that is where the danger comes from.



The skin absorbs a large part of the applied on it products. The chemicals used and the added fragrances are sucked by the skin, which can result in drying, irritation and inflammation. The use of poor quality make-up, in the long term can lead to irreversible health problems. That is why it is good to know which ingredients have harmful effects to the body. This will assist you in the selection of cosmetics for face and body. Take some time and review the contents of the product. Here is a short list of ingredients that you should avoid:



• Sodium Lauryl sulfate

• Parabens

• Sodium Laureth sulfate

• Triethanolamine

• Triclozan

• Formaldehyde

• Imidazolidine urea

• Phthalates

• Methylparabens

• Diethanolamine

• Monoethanolamine

• Dibutyl phthalate

• Dietylhecin phthalate

• Artificial musk


During pregnancy, every woman should be especially careful about the cosmetics she uses. During this period, the use of quality cosmetics for the body is vital for both the mother and the baby.


Well dear ladies be careful and bet on the quality cosmetics.


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