Do your own makeup for the prom

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How to get the perfect look for the prom inspired by the angels of Victoria’s Secret


The graduation excitements and preparations are already boiling in full force. Dress, shoes, bag, hair… and makeup. If you decide to prepare your own makeup for the prom, we come into assistance in order to inspire you with some ideas for a beautiful evening makeup, which can not go unnoticed.



Apply foundation, considering its covering power with the condition of your skin. If you have no problems to conceal, quite easily, you can bet on a light toned moisturizer or BB cream. The important thing is at all costs to avoid the effect mask.


If you have spots, pimples or dark circles refer to the good old concealer.

Emphasize gently the eyebrows with a pencil. Spread with a brush or a cotton swab to achieve a more natural look.

Make a contour with light bronze or blush.

Matte and secure with powder.



On the whole eyelids as well as the bone to eyebrows, apply shadows in skin color as a basis.

Use golden shadows on the movable eyelid and in the outer corner and in the crease apply a darker shade of bronze or tile shade. Make it smoky carefully with a brush so that there are no sharp boundaries between the colors.

To further add depth to the look, add at the outer corner and in the crease a little matte brown shade. Blend well to merge.

Optionally, add and shining powder shadows in the center of the movable eyelids.

Apply eyeliner in dark gold and gently thicken it at the end to achieve the vision “cat eyes.” If you want a more dramatic effect, bet on a black line.

Apply mascara and optionally false eyelashes.

In the inner corner of the eye, apply bright pearl shadows.

In the water line on the lower eyelid, use a golden pencil, and under the lash line – matte brown shade.



Stick to the rule that if you have a strong eye makeup, the lips should be very gently highlighted.

Use a pencil or lipstick in the nude range.

Finish with a lip gloss with golden particles.


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