Exercises for the neck

Image:© Martin Valigursky / Fotolia

If you notice your face getting rounder or another chin forming underneath your jaw you have to take immediate action to prevent this. This can be done by regularly performing the following exercises each morning and evening after applying your regular lotion.

  1. Squeeze a pencil in between your teeth and try writing your full name, birthday, home town and favorite verse in the air with it. If this is too hard for you, start by writing only the first 10 letters of the alphabet and gradually increase them.
  2. Turn your head in both directions ten times each and then stretch your neck back, forth and to each side.
  3. When you are taking your daily shower massage the area of your chin with a stream of cool or cold water. You can also use a contrasting stream of alternately hot and cold water. Always begin and end the procedure with cool water.

Don’t assume that since these exercises are easy, they must be ineffective. If you do them regularly you will see for yourself how beneficial they are.

On the other hand, don’t go overboard with the exercises, because a vigorous neck workout or aggressive massage can facilitate the formation of wrinkles. It is a proven fact that the double chin is not due to weak neck muscles.


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