Foundation and wrinkles

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When the first expressional wrinkles appear, women tend to panic and make general mistakes in their attempts to hide them. When using foundation for this purpose you should be very careful and keep the amounts to a minimum, because otherwise you risk creating the opposite effect.

Even the most practiced hands will find it hard to conceal the wrinkles by sculpting the face with foundation. Foundations used for this purpose should have special ingredients that make them easily applicable and they should also look as close to natural as possible. Or else you will look as if you are wearing a mask.

The downside of using foundation as concealment for wrinkles is that if the product is not suitable for the purpose or if it is applied incorrectly it will clog the pores and make the wrinkles more visible.

There are special areas where you should be extra careful when applying foundation – the chin, the base of the nose, the upper lip and the eye area. These are the places with the highest concentration of fine wrinkles and with the greatest danger of highlighting them by using foundation improperly.

What is the solution then?

Use foundation which is in perfect match to your own complexion, if available. If not, then make it as near a match as possible. This way you can skip the problem zones and use the product on the rest of your face only without creating a difference in the complexion. This may sound strange, but it is a good way to distract the attention from your wrinkled areas and at the same time avoid the risk of emphasizing them unintentionally.

Before applying the foundation, you have to be sure that your skin is well hydrated. Foundation does not look good on dry skin. It makes it appear rough and coarse.

Cream and liquid foundations are preferable because they do not emphasize the wrinkles, but just as long as they are properly selected in accordance with your skin type. The best option is for you to consult a professional make-up artist or cosmetician as to what is the best product to use in your particular case.

Foundations with colorants are typically used during the summer, which is why they have a moisturizing effect and can be a good option if you are trying to conceal any small wrinkles.

Do not forget that your priority should not be hiding the wrinkles and fine lines, but fighting them. In order to look good your skin does not need masking, it needs maintenance.


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