How to create glamorous holiday makeup

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If you want to stand out in the holiday crowd, your makeup needs to be perfect. With the makeup suggestions below you will easily be the most glamorous lady at the party.

Start by refreshing your face

Before you attempt anything make sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed and well hydrated. Also rinse your face with water and apply a moisturizing lotion after you take down your makeup before going to bed. Applying makeup is not the final step toward beautiful skin. Taking it down each night is also important if your skin is to remain healthy. If you have no time or are too tired to do this properly, makeup wipes are a good alternative.

Choose a suitable foundation

You must remember that foundation is not a mask. Its purpose is to even out the complexion and cover up small blemishes, but its presence should not be noticeable. Choose such foundation that is easy to apply and looks as close to natural as possible.

Natural shine

Bronzing face powder is excellent for achieving a mysterious glow. Apply it with wide strokes and a large round brush for a natural look. When applying bronzing face powder remember to skip the area of the chin.

Sparkling eyes

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Holidays, especially Christmas and New Year celebrations create the sensation of light and brightness. You can use that association and give a bright glow to your eyes via pearly eye shadows. Now is the time for bold and daring combinations. Use blue tones for brown eyes and vice versa. If your eyes are green, highlight them with golden nuances. Just remember that when you are using pearly shades you should not apply more than one color.

Highlight your eyes

The eyeliner gives your makeup a finished look and adds depth to the eyes. Use black eyeliner to give your eyes a festive appearance.

A picture in a beautiful frame

Do not forget the mascara! It lengthens and thickens the eyelashes making them a perfect frame for your lovely eyes. For long party nights, go for the waterproof mascara. Never use a tube of mascara for more than three months.

Smile or frown

Lip gloss is a good option, especially if you have decided to highlight your eyes. However be careful not to overdo the lip shine. The heavy sparkly lip gloss is no longer fashionable.


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