How to get rid of the double chin and puffy cheeks

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Usually women with fuller faces look younger than they actually are. The face has a tendency to slim with age, which is why the chubby face remains youthful for longer and the signs of aging take more time to start showing on it. Puffy cheeks can also be genetically inherited. However many women do not like their chubby face and want to do something about it.

Is it possible your face to look slimmer without having to undergo plastic surgery or aggressive procedures and steam treatment? Yes it is.

You will have to decrease your intake of sugars and carbohydrates. Some nutritionists are of the opinion that the excessive intake of sugars and carbohydrates is responsible for the retention of water in the body, which in its turn is often the reason behind the rounded face. Remove all pre-prepared foods and snacks from your diet and substitute them with whole wheat products.

Decrease your intake of salt too. Salt also causes water retention and water retention can cause swelling.

Try to take fewer medications, because some of the common over the counter drugs on the market are known to cause water retention too. If you are taking prescription medications, always consult your doctor before discontinuing their use.

Use cosmetic products in order to create a new contour for your face. Bronzing powder which harmonizes in color with the undertone of your skin can do a lot to mask the puffiness of your face. Don’t forget to apply some powder to the area of the neck as well as under the chin and jawline.

You will be amazed at how much change can come from a new haircut. Forget about the large, bulky curls and get a haircut featuring uneven bangs instead. Hair stylists recommend adding volume to the top of your head, because this optically elongates the face. Let your straight or slightly curly hair drape down the sides.


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