How to maintain a delicate neckline

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Try the following advice to help you preserve the delicate grace of this part of your body.

1. Motivation is very important.

Do not ever soothe yourself with the reasoning that a saggy chin and neckline are a natural part of aging or that there is nothing you can do about it. Stay positive and make some effort and it will eventually pay off.

2. Consistency.

You will have to include the neck care in the list of your daily procedures if you are to see any effect.

3. Drink a lot of water.

Water is a must, especially if you are planning on losing weight. There is no way you can shed pounds in a healthy manner if you do not provide your body with sufficient amount of water.

4. Stretching.

Stretch the neck several times throughout the day. This will stimulate and strengthen the muscles and also tighten the skin.

5. Chew gum.

You might think it strange but chewing is a good way to strengthen the muscles of your jaw, face and neck.

6. Neck exercises.

Include in your daily exercise routine such exercises that are designed particularly for this part of the body, like moving your head left to right and back to forth.

7. Circling.

Rotation is another movement that benefits the neck. Start by turning your head in small circles and gradually increase their radius.

8.When your neck is tense.

If you feel tenseness in your neck area due to stress or sleeping in the wrong position, lie down flat on the floor, lift your head and hold it up for 5 minutes. Relax, turn over and lift your head off the ground for another 5 minutes. You can do this exercise every night before going to bed.

9. Cardio.

Cardio exercises are not designed particularly for the neck, but they have a complex effect on the whole body. They are a good way to lose weight without damaging this sensitive area.

10. Listen to your body.

If you feel any kind of discomfort in your neck area, then you need either rest, change of position or massage. Any of these simple remedies will bring relief, but do not ignore the problem, because that is a sure way to complicate it.


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