How to take good care of your face?

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In today’s hectic life fewer and fewer minutes are left for us as ladies to pay attention to our appearance and we often forget the mirror of our beauty, and this is our face. On it quickly reveal themselves the wrinkles, the tension, the stress, emotions, and the internal state of the organism. The face is opened all day and all night and absorbs dust, poisons, dirt, cigarette smoke. So it is imperative to take care of it mornings and evenings, and it does not take much – 10-15 minutes.

Before you proceed with the care for your face, wash your hands thoroughly. During the day, avoid touching it because your hands do a variety of activities and you do not feel how they go through different dirty surfaces that are going leave a mark. And all this dirt builds up in the pores and even enters in the blood system. And the facial skin is particularly sensitive.

In the evening

After the long tiring day, you can spend a few minutes your feet to rest and meanwhile to clean the makeup and dirt from your face. The day cream, powder, foundation, blush, mascara, pencil, lipstick should be carefully removed and you must prepare your face for the night rest. You are about to make 3 steps. First, use cleansing milk or liquid for removing makeup. The liquid can be used specifically for the eye area, applying it with slight blows and then with a cotton swab to remove the makeup without pressing. The cleansing milk is spread, starting from the middle of the forehead, around the eyes and with spiral movements going down on the cheek towards the chin. Repeat for each of the two sides of the face. Be sure to clean well and the neck. The second step is the tonic. The cleansing milk cleanses the first layer of the skin and unclogs the pores by preparing the area. The tonic picks the remnants of dirt and cleansing milk, entering into greater depth in the skin layers. The third step is the night cream that nourishes the skin and prepares it for the rest at night. Before the cream in order to rejuvenate your skin, you can put an anti age serum that helps to smooth wrinkles. It is applied only once during the day. It is usually sold in ampoules. Put a few drops of it which disperse on the entire surface. One ampoule is enough for a few manipulations.

In the morning

In the morning it is also good to go through the same three stages because the night cream has managed to bring to the surface unnecessary stuff from the skin as fat, remaining dirt and others. In the morning you can use washing soap for face and water. A basic principle is to 25 years the washing to be with hot water, over 25 years – with cool to cold (if the skin is not oily). This helps in stretching of the fine wrinkles. Then clean your face with cleansing milk, tonic and apply day cream that contains sun protection factor and protects you from the effects of the air and sunlight.

How to apply the cream?

When you have completed the first steps and the skin is still damp, take a little cream on top of the three fingers of each hand and gently apply it with caressing movements on the face and neck. Use both hands, as the starting point is the symmetric line across the two halves of the face and neck in the direction a little obliquely upwards and sideways – starting from the forehead, cheeks, jaw and then finally the neck (from the chin down). Follows tapping. With the three middle fingers of each hand lightly with tapping movements you pass the same sections in the same order.

The eyelids are very delicate areas and require special care. You can use for this purpose eye contour cream. The eyelids should not be pressed, but only be slightly tapped with the ring finger. The tapping happens in a circle, starting from the outer ends and subsequently аре tapped the lower eyelid up to the nose and the upper in the same manner. The outer corners of the eyes, where over time are formed wrinkles can be tapped a little harder. Finally you do with your fingers “blades” and gently press the eyelids by lifting the fingers after each movement. The movement is also circular in the same sequence.

The chin. After the application of the cream with the fingertips, the chin is tapped a little differently – with the outside of the fingers that are slightly tight. The movement should be limited to the wrist joint. Here you can afford stronger tapping. It is more convenient with the right hand to tap the left side of the chin and with your left – the right. And here the movement is from the center outwards.

The neck is not tapped, but merely caress it with soft finger movements from top to bottom from the lower jaw to the clavicles. The movements are as in the application of the cream, but significantly prolonged.

For shiny and smooth skin is good to pay attention to your diet. When it contains more raw food (about 50-70% of the food), this is beneficial to the whole body, and hence the face. The stress is another factor that influences. Try to avoid large stress situations or at least not to get angry a lot to the problems. When the skin on your face is gray, rough, chapped or easily reddens, think about what you do during the day that affects it. If its condition is not so good, contact a specialist.


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