Keep your skin beautiful and after 30

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You can celebrate birthday after birthday, but that does not mean that your skin should be an indicator for each passed year. With the transfer of the 30s everyone starts to see some physical changes in himself. Particularly visible are the changes related to the skin. Usually, namely it issues the years of the man. If you want to “trick” time, follow these few simple tips:

1. Sufficiently moisturize your skin. To keep your skin in good shape is essential to wash it and moisturize often enough. This is the main advice that everyone must follow, whether 30 or not. Through the washing you clean all dust and dirt, and the hydration helps your skin to obtain the necessary nutrients.

2. Eat more fruits, vegetables and avoid fatty and spicy foods. Fruits and vegetables are always a wise choice for the welfare of the entire state. Fatty foods not only grease the skin but are also often to blame for the pimples. Preferably emphasize on the fruits rich in antioxidants.

3. Massage your skin with natural products. Once a week subject yourself to spa treatments which you can do at home as long as you choose the best products to use. As much as possible, bet on natural products that will nourish your skin naturally.

Remember the following important steps:

Cleaning. In the morning always tone the skin, and in the evening use a mild exfoliating cream for cleaning.

Apply products with a protection factor. As you know, whether it is summer or winter, the sun can damage your skin. Therefore always use sunscreen. Best combine your daily cosmetics with protective factor by choosing the products two in one.

Preparation for the night. Once you have transferred the 30, start using night cream containing retinol. Another important element for maintaining beautiful skin is the eye cream against the dark circles under the eyes. If your skin feels swollen, treat it with products containing caffeine. In case you need extra moisturizing, use creams with hyaluronic acid.


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