Makeup tricks

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This is nothing complicated or time consuming. These are tricks you can take full advantage of when creating your own makeup at home.

Covering up dark areas

Concealer is the product used to mask over the dark areas of your skin. These areas are typically under the eyes, around the nose and mouth. In order to locate your dark zones, pull your hair back and take a look in the mirror in the daylight. This should reveal all dark areas, if you have any. Once you locate them, apply the concealer over them with a sponge applicator. Do not use the concealer in places where it is not needed. Use it only to cover up the dark areas or if you have a particularly nasty pimple, but in this case dab a little bit right on top of it, not around it.

The concealer should be 2 tones lighter than your foundation.

Apply foundation

Use foundation with a light consistency. The ones with heavier textures highlight each wrinkle, pimple and defect.

Add a spark to your eyes

Use eye-shadows as foundation. Let them be in ivory or pale pink, regardless of the fact that other colors are in style now (like green and violet). What’s important here is that these tones of eye-shadow are almost clear and that is exactly what is needed to make your eyes sparkle.

Enlarge your eyes

You can do this without surgery. This is done by adding a little bit more mascara and some black pencil eyeliner.

Shape your eyebrows

The eyebrows are the frame of your face. They determine your expression. Well-shaped eyebrows will make all the difference; they will open up your face and emphasize your eyes.

Face powder

It is ideal for the summer because it absorbs all secretions from the skin. A word of caution though – do not use more than you need, because too much face powder will highlight all your wrinkles and facial defects.


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