Myths about day cream

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Here are the most popular myths about the day cream and their rebuttal.

Myth #1

If you use night cream, then you do not need to use day cream.

This statement is totally untrue. According to cosmeticians the day and night cream are not interchangeable. They are both important because they have different effects. If you do not use day cream you will deprive your face of protection against the UV rays of the sun, free radicals, oxidants and all kinds of harmful environmental effects. You don’t need to use day cream only when you plan to stay at home all day and even then, only on the condition that your skin feels well hydrated.

Myth #2

Oily skin does not need day cream

This misconception is also completely wrong. Oily skin needs just as much protection as any skin type and although it sounds strange, it needs moisturizing too. If you are of the oily skin type, choose a day cream which does not contain fats, but instead hydrates and protects the skin from the sun. A well selected matting day cream can make the oily skin look fabulous.

Myth #3

The more expensive the day cream, the better its quality

This too is nothing more than a myth. The basic ingredients in the all day creams are pretty much the same. You can see for yourself by checking out the ingredients list on the label of the packaging. The difference in the prices comes from the fact that the more expensive creams also contain additives such as vitamins and other natural ingredients.


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