How to diversify your makeup

Some people like to break the stereotypes and diversify their usual makeup with fresh ideas. Here you will find a few suggestions of unusual color combinations which can create a fresh and sexy look. Continue Reading →

Kinds of mascara

Today making your eyes look just the way you want them to is easy, thanks to the development of the cosmetic industry, which is ready with a product for every demand and whim. Women have a lot of requirements, especially when it comes to the mascara. Here is a quick guide to the kinds of mascara available ... Continue Reading →

Makeup for dry skin

Having dry skin is no longer an excuse for looking negligent. Today your skin can look fresh and healthy even if it is of the dry type. This of course takes a lot of effort and tender care, but there are some tricks you can utilize to your advantage. The main steps to a fresh look – Exfoliating. ... Continue Reading →

What you should know about eyelash transplants

Do you know that your upper lashes contain anywhere from 90 to 160 hairs reaching 8-12 mm in length? The lower lashes have 75-80 hairs which are no longer than 8mm. Every month we lose and grow a certain number of lashes. This is a natural regenerative process over which we have no conscious control. Continue Reading →

The proportions of the perfect female face are discovered

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet, American and Canadian scientists have discovered that the beauty of a woman is determined by the proportions found between her eyes, ears and mouth. In four separate experiments aiming to research the ideal structure of facial features, students were asked ... Continue Reading →

How to maintain a delicate neckline

Try the following advice to help you preserve the delicate grace of this part of your body. 1. Motivation is very important. Do not ever soothe yourself with the reasoning that a saggy chin and neckline are a natural part of aging or that there is nothing you can do about it. Stay positive and make ... Continue Reading →