Pretty skin with homemade cream against wrinkles

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For great skin prepare yourself a homemade face cream that will give your skin tenderness and remove the wrinkles.


A good face cream is able to make our skin perfect. But are all the creams that we buy such and are they not full of chemicals and toxins that accumulate in our body?


You should know that you can make yourself a miraculous cream for radiant skin and it very cheap.


And its effect will be similar to the most expensive creams that you can buy. Because it will be made only from natural materials, there is absolutely no danger of an allergic reaction or some kind of rash.


It is about a face cream for beautiful skin, soft look and a clear complexion and against all forms of wrinkles.

To do this you will need a tablespoon of genuine honey, half a yolk, a few tablespoons of decoction of chamomile, teaspoon of sea salt, optional two tablespoons of olive oil, coconut or almond oil and some petroleum jelly.

The vaseline is melted in a water bath and to it is added the mixture of the other products that you have previously mixed very well. At the end shall be added and the decoction of chamomile. Everything is again mixed well and allowed to cool, then put it in the fridge in order to harden. What you will get is a perfect cream for beautiful skin that is wrinkle-free and full of life and youth.


Apply the cream on your face in the morning and evening before bedtime, as before that you can rinse it with a decoction of chamomile for an even better effect.


Instead of the petroleum jelly you can prepare the cream and with cocoa butter. While the vaseline has a protective effect, the cocoa butter tones the skin and nourishes it. Or if you decide you can make of both types and use both of the creams and change them for a nice skin, full of youth and life.


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