Returning freshness and youthfulness to your skin

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With the help of the contemporary dermatology, solutions can be found for all facial skin problems. Skin becomes perfect with the new ELOS rejuvenation technology. ELOS surpasses all known methods for rejuvenation – photo-rejuvenation, laser therapy, etc. Thanks to ELOS you do not have to lose time and money on countless therapies.

The ELOS rejuvenation technology offers a lot of opportunities for non-surgical lifting of the skin as well as removal of all signs of aging, pigmentation spots, enlarged capillaries and so on.

How does ELOS work?

This is the first and only patented technology of aesthetic medicine to combine two kinds of energy – bipolar radiofrequency and optic light energy. The ELOS procedures are safe and effective for all skin types.

ELOS technology is designed to stimulate the synthesis of structural proteins (collagen and elastin) in the connective tissue and also for the removal of pigments and vascular damage.

Who can take advantage of the ELOS treatment?

  • Anyone who has tried different methods of rejuvenation without achieving the desired effect. The ELOS treatment has visible results after the first procedure without pain and side effects.
  • ELOS is perfect for people who do not have a lot of time to spend on therapies. The procedure takes 30 minutes at most. Altogether 5 or 6 procedures are needed with one month rest period between them. One of the greatest advantages of this treatment is the total lack or skin irritation. After the procedure you can go straight to a business meeting or a party.
  • People who have a low threshold for pain can truly benefit from the ELOS rejuvenation technology. It is no secret that a lot of cosmetic procedures are very painful. You do not have to make sacrifices or endure any pain in order to get rid of acne scars, enlarged capillaries, pigmentation spots, wrinkles or anything that prevents you from feeling 100% beautiful. Only the first procedure may cause a little discomfort such as a sensation of prickling. Are you afraid of being stung by a mosquito? Because this is all that you will feel during that first ELOS procedure. Many patients however report feeling no discomfort whatsoever.


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