Sculpting beautiful eyebrows

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The eyebrows define a woman’s look more than any other part of her face. This seemingly unimportant and minor detail is crucial when it comes to the facial expression. This is why the well-shaped and maintained eyebrows can make you look attractive, while neglected eyebrows or ones shaped improperly can give you a disharmonious and even ridiculous look.

What are the most important factors in forming the perfect eyebrows?

1. Good lighting

When the light is insufficient, this can create the illusion of shadows and trick your eyes, which will lead to an unpleasant result.

2. Use astringent

There are special products on the cosmetics market which are designed to make the procedure of tweezing your eyebrows more painless. It will be foolish not to take advantage of them.

3. Manicure scissors

Use the curled manicure scissors to shorten the hairs before you pluck them. This will give you the advantage of defining the shape of your eyebrows before you actually tweeze them and will make the procedure more painless.

4. Combing

Before you begin shaping your eyebrows comb them with a toothbrush or a special eyebrow comb. This will reduce the risk of pulling out hairs by mistake.

5. Tweezers

Always use good tweezers with a secure grip. Tweezers do wear out, so make sure to inspect them before each use. Tweezing with worn out tools can be very painful aside from being ineffective.

6. Look out for hairs sticking upward

They will make your expression appear angry. This is especially true if these hairs are at either end of your eyebrows, so give extra attention to these areas.

7. Smoothness

The upper line of the eyebrow should be as smooth as the lower with no missed or forgotten hairs sticking out from it.

8. Do not over-pluck

Be careful not to tweeze out too many hairs. If you are in doubt, then leave them in. You can always pluck them out later, but you can’t fasten them back on once they are pulled. If however you end up with thinner eyebrows use a pencil to cover up your mistake until the hairs grow back.

9. Pull the hairs, not the skin

The skin in this area is extremely sensitive, so be very careful not to pinch it with your tweezers, or this may cause bruising which is hard to cover up.

10. Follow the natural line of your eyebrows

When shaping your eyebrows, always follow their natural curve. You can safely change the thickness and length of the eyebrow, but do not try to change its curve or you will risk an unflattering look which will take some time to outgrow.

11. Clean the area

Before you begin, cleanse your whole face, especially the eye area in order to remove sebum, dead skin and all kinds of contamination.

12. Use cotton balls

Cotton balls dipped in Tea Tree Oil or some other antiseptic will calm the skin and reduce all reddening.


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