Six top tendencies in the makeup

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The trends in the makeup satisfy both the ladies who like to make an impression with attractiveness, and those that rely on the natural look. There are no extremes like some from recent years which caused rather a mass horror than a “wow effect”.

Grabbing the eye shadow, lipstick, eyeliner and all other cosmetics, we should not forget that the main function of the makeup is to emphasize the feminine beauty. Not to create a false beauty, nor to provoke with effectiveness. In keeping with this important rule, you can indulge boldly to the trends.


The natural makeup established itself as a top trend to the delight of all ladies who like themselves enough to not go overboard with the colors on their face.

The eyebrows become denser, thicker and more delineated in the recent years, I personally am not delighted by blindly following this makeup trend for the simple reason that I do not find it necessary to focus on the eyebrows that nature has positioned quite near the most beautiful part of the human body – the eyes.


As I mentioned the eyes, three trends are the leading with them – cat’s eyes, smoky eyes and orange shadows. In the lips, except the pastel light tones, characteristic of the natural makeup, as a top trend imposes their complete opposite – vamp lips.


Top 6 makeup trends:

* Natural look.

* Thick eyebrows.

* Smoky eyes.

* Cat’s eyes.

* Orange shadows.

* Vamp lips.


Natural look

Balmain, Rochas, Alexander Wang

With makeup as without makeup or the vision that shows the true nature of the woman, but a little more elegant. It is one thing to get up, wash your face and teeth, and go out, quite another – to do a natural makeup. The flawless skin is achieved with makeup base, foundation, concealer and / or powder according to the needs of each facial skin. The eyelashes are highlighted with mascara, the eyes with eye shadows in neutral tones. On the lips is placed colorless lip gloss or lipstick in a neutral color. Leading tendency for Balmain, Alexander Wang, Kenzo, Rochas, Blumarine, etc.


Thick eyebrows

Balmain, Rochas, Alexander Wang

Thick, dense and highlighted eyebrows is the trend against which I annually object, but the leading makeup artists do not pay attention to my opinion anyway. The important thing is that somewhere there is a beautiful woman who reads my writings, listens to my advice not to overdo the thickness, density and delineation of the eyebrows. For starters compare the visions of Dries Van Noten, Ermanno Scervino and Rochas, and you will see how much better look the eyebrows at the model of Dries Van Noten. Of course, the final choice is yours.


Smoky eyes

DKNY, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli

To achieve the effect of “smoky eyes”, first apply the base color shades. The next shade is placed just above the eyelid, spread to the edge of the eyeball. Darken the eyeball, upper and lower lash line with the darkest shadows and draw the edge of the eye with a black pencil. You can reduce the intensity of the color with a cotton swab or enhance it with liquid eyeliner for a more dramatic look. Finally, apply mascara. It is not difficult and the smoky makeup is very provocative and worthwhile one night to show more oomph.


Cat’s eyes

Lanvin, Anna Sui, Anna Sui

The cat’s look is not less sexy than the smoky makeup. Furthermore, it is achieved more easily. Eye pencil or eyeliner are just enough. Although the effect can be obtained with different colors, the black is a classic and has the strongest impact. You can outline both eyelids – together or separately, depending on the shape of the eye. The smaller eye is better to be outlined below, the larger – on top. This season is topical the slight smudging of the line under the eye for the effect “sexy negligence.”


Orange shadows

Gucci, Gabrielle Colange, DSquared2

The most surprising trend, I think. Orange is not among the commonly used colors eye shadow, unless combined with other warm shades. The most modern version is smoky orange. Its main advantage is that it stands out the eye color, the flaw – gives a slightly tired look of the sight. It stands very well with blue and green eyes.


Vamp lips

Miu Miu, Moschino, Oscar de la Renta

Many women feel uncomfortable to wear a lipstick in the dark tones. The boldness they emit requires more the manifestation of a fashion courage from a lady. From deep red to almost black, the lips in style vamp are a challenge for bold and daring women. The whiter the skin is, the stronger is the vamp effect.


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