Returning freshness and youthfulness to your skin

With the help of the contemporary dermatology, solutions can be found for all facial skin problems. Skin becomes perfect with the new ELOS rejuvenation technology. ELOS surpasses all known methods for rejuvenation – photo-rejuvenation, laser therapy, etc. Thanks to ELOS you do not have to lose time ... Continue Reading →

Photo epilation of the face

Photo epilation is a great way for hair removal. The procedure is painless and simple. It poses no threat to the health of your skin, it does not interfere with pigmentation, it does not cause infections and takes very little time. Hairs begin falling out immediately after the procedure and depending ... Continue Reading →

Cleaning acne with care

Cleansing of the skin is a must, especially if you have acne, whiteheads or blackheads. First you need to open up the pores and unclog the outlets of the skin’s sebaceous glands. Be very careful not to go overboard with these procedures. In time you will be able to determine how often to preform them ... Continue Reading →

How to maintain a delicate neckline

Try the following advice to help you preserve the delicate grace of this part of your body. 1. Motivation is very important. Do not ever soothe yourself with the reasoning that a saggy chin and neckline are a natural part of aging or that there is nothing you can do about it. Stay positive and make ... Continue Reading →

Daily anti-aging care for men

Cosmetic companies have finally caught up with the male vanity and are now offering anti-aging products designed especially for men. Male skin has a thicker epidermis, the facial hair is rougher and thicker, sebaceous glands produce more sebum. Male skin should be cleansed daily in order to remove the ... Continue Reading →

For incredible lips

There is hardly a woman in our present society that takes the power of full lips for granted. We all know how important they are in attracting attention and creating a sexy look. The lucky women whom nature has gifted with naturally full lips may find this easy. For the rest of us, there are tricks ... Continue Reading →