What kind of woman are you according to the tone of your lipstick

Choosing the color of lipstick that will really complement you is a challenge for every woman. Selecting the right color is hard enough when you have to consider combining it with your hair color, eye color and complexion. This task is not made easier by the knowledge that the tone of your lipstick ... Continue Reading →

How to make your lipstick last longer

Applying lipstick seems like the easiest thing in the world. And compared with the more complicated application of the rest of your makeup it is easy. However there are tricks and techniques even for this seemingly simple procedure. We have compiled some of these tricks and techniques here for you. Continue Reading →

How to stand out on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is among the most glamorous celebrations of the year, where every woman strives to look her best. This is often achieved at the expense of comfort, but is it possible to look your best and feel your best simultaneously? Yes, and here is how: Continue Reading →

Makeup for every day

Everyday makeup differs from the evening makeup or the makeup for a special occasion in that, that it has to look natural. To create your day makeup first apply powder or foundation starting at the innermost corner of the eyes and spreading it with your index finger, striving to blend it with your skin ... Continue Reading →

Reshaping your face with powder

A beautiful face is considered the one which has an oval shape and symmetrical proportions. While some people are naturally blessed with the ideal shape, others need the aid of makeup to reshape their face as close to the perfect as possible. In this endeavor, foundation and face powder can work wonders. ... Continue Reading →

How to diversify your makeup

Some people like to break the stereotypes and diversify their usual makeup with fresh ideas. Here you will find a few suggestions of unusual color combinations which can create a fresh and sexy look. Continue Reading →