Sculpting beautiful eyebrows

The eyebrows define a woman’s look more than any other part of her face. This seemingly unimportant and minor detail is crucial when it comes to the facial expression. This is why the well-shaped and maintained eyebrows can make you look attractive, while neglected eyebrows or ones shaped improperly ... Continue Reading →

Foundation and wrinkles

When the first expressional wrinkles appear, women tend to panic and make general mistakes in their attempts to hide them. When using foundation for this purpose you should be very careful and keep the amounts to a minimum, because otherwise you risk creating the opposite effect. Even the most practiced ... Continue Reading →

Makeup for ladies with dark complexion

Women with darker skin should use golden beige face powder one tone darker than their complexion. Use an even darker tone over the most prominent parts of the cheekbones. The foundation should definitely be of the kind that has nourishing properties. If you have dark eyes and you think they need emphasizing, ... Continue Reading →

How to care for your skin type

In order to care for your skin properly you will have to know its type. In this article you will discover your skin type and learn what sort of care it requires. Normal skin Normal skin feels neither dry, nor oily. Its pores are visible, but are not large or clogged. It remains smooth after washing ... Continue Reading →

Beautiful in five minutes

If your facial skin is in good condition and you are not suffering from acne, freckles or scars, you do not need to undergo all the recommended steps of creating your makeup. You can skip the preparations and start at what for other women is step three – the actual makeup. You will need: light colored ... Continue Reading →

The skin needs water

Cosmetic companies today offer a myriad of products which claim to moisturize the skin, so you have no excuse to let your skin dry out. Moreover, you should be extra attentive to its thirst because dry skin is quicker to age. At what age should you start hydrating your skin? Continue Reading →