Which color of lipstick is best for you?

Lipstick well applied is worth 50% of your whole makeup and look. This is why the makeup for your lips should be selected with care and taste. These are the basic rules for beautiful lips and here is how you can make the most of yours: Continue Reading →

When and what color of lipstick to use

For the daytime Colors to try: pink, peach, body tones, fruity tones or wild berries. Colors to avoid: all dark tones. Do not wear heavy makeup during the day. Aside from looking out of place you are running the risk of highlighting your defects and worst features. Continue Reading →

Red lipstick for the femme fatale

Lipstick in blood-red, claret, scarlet or wine-red will give your lips a slightly pouty yet very attractive look. Each of these nuances has the potential to transform your whole appearance giving it a look of unquenchable passion and turning you into a true femme fatale. Continue Reading →

Barbie style makeup

Transforming yourself into a doll is not that difficult. For starters, you have to find foundation with the appropriate undertone and a concealer. But what is most important here is the blush. This is the one cosmetic product that will give you the look of a real doll. If possible, select a blush in ... Continue Reading →

Refreshing a tired face

When a person is tired and exhausted this is sure to show on his face. Makeup is a great ally in covering up the fatigue as long as you know how to use it. It is not the quantity of makeup that will help you cover up the signs of a sleepless night, but the wise combination of colors. Continue Reading →

What do your lips say about you?

There are different shapes and sizes of lips. Some are considered beautiful by the current social and fashion norms and every woman strives to conform her lips to this image. Little does she know that the natural shape and size of her lips is related to her character and temperament and this makes them ... Continue Reading →