The skin needs water

Cosmetic companies today offer a myriad of products which claim to moisturize the skin, so you have no excuse to let your skin dry out. Moreover, you should be extra attentive to its thirst because dry skin is quicker to age. At what age should you start hydrating your skin? Continue Reading →

What to do if you use too much face powder

Using too much face powder is something that occasionally happens to everyone. If you have accidentally or by misjudgment put too much powder over certain parts of your face do not try to remove it. This will only smudge your makeup and you will have to start all over again. In this case simply apply ... Continue Reading →

If you are allergic to mineral makeup

Dermatologists often recommend the use of mineral makeup to patients with rosacea, acne, sensitive or oily skin because these products contain inorganic colorants which are less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions than the colorants in other types of makeup. Continue Reading →