Anti-aging lotions can be dangerous

Anti-aging lotions elevate the risk of cancer. Specialists advise that you do not use cosmetics with AHAs concentration higher than 10%. Almost a third of the money people spend on cosmetics is spent on anti-aging products. It turns out that these products often elevate the risk of oncological diseases, ... Continue Reading →

Seaweed helps in the fight against wrinkles and aging

Certain kinds of seaweed contain substances which can be very effective in the battle against wrinkles and aging. Minerals: such as sodium and potassium (which regulate the water balance), sodium chloride and calcium (which are good for the teeth and bones), magnesium (helps in the regulation of the ... Continue Reading →

Foundation and wrinkles

When the first expressional wrinkles appear, women tend to panic and make general mistakes in their attempts to hide them. When using foundation for this purpose you should be very careful and keep the amounts to a minimum, because otherwise you risk creating the opposite effect. Even the most practiced ... Continue Reading →