The ever-growing range of anti-aging methods

Image:© VIKTORIIA KULISH / Fotolia

Today the range of methods for dealing with aging is very wide. Surgery, technological cosmetology, contour plastics, etc. This range grows ever wider, keeps improving and becomes safer and more affordable every day.

Recently German researchers have discovered what will possibly become an excellent alternative to plastic surgery. This alternative is a therapy based on the use of LED lights.

Research shows that LED lights have a positive effect on elastin – a protein responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Throughout nine weeks, specialists used LED lights to influence and change the molecular structure of elastin. By the end of the experiment the amount of wrinkles in the participants was considerably decreased, while their skin became tighter and more elastic.

The combination of clinical care, quality cosmetics, a balanced diet and the reduction of bad habits can affect you in a way that will make you look 5 years younger.

Unfortunately, aging of the skin is directly related to the aging of the whole body. It is the symptom that most accurately reflects the condition of your body and neither of the anti-aging methods discovered so far can reverse time or make the skin look eternally youthful. If you want to prolong the years of youth and make even middle-aged skin look fresh, you have to take care of it lovingly and consistently.


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