Tips for full lips

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There is nothing that draws the male attention to the female face like the full, juicy lips. This is why your lips should be well-groomed at all times. And how do you do that? Read these tips to find out.

Trace the lips with a pencil lip-liner in a tone that matches the lipstick you intend to use, correcting their shape and volume if needed. Only if needed!


– If your lips are dry and coarse, rub them with some lotion before you use the lip-liner.

– Choose the color of your lipstick carefully. It has to correspond to the tone of your skin, as well as the tones of your outfit and the rest of your makeup.

– Thin lips can be made to look a little fuller by using liquid lipstick with brownish undertones and a pearly glow.

– Don’t use very dark or very light colors of lipstick, especially for the daily makeup.


When tracing the contour of the lips with the lip-liner, you can add small corrections to their shape and size, just remember to keep all “improvements” to the minimum and stick to your natural shape.

– Thin lips can be enlarged a little by tracing the pencil lip-liner around the outer line of the lips and filling in with liquid lipstick with a pearly glow.

– Thick lips should be traced on the inner side of the line. This will thin them out optically once you add the lipstick.

– If you apply some pearly shine to the middle of the lips they will look full and juicy. All you need is a clear lip gloss.

– Press your lips to a piece of tissue or paper in order to remove any excess lipstick.

– Dark tones of lipstick make the lips seem thinner.

– Apply some pearly contact face powder to the middle of your lower lip to add volume and sensuality to your mouth.


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