Tricks in applying makeup

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Do you want to create makeup as perfect as if it is done by a professional makeup artist? Well, there are several tricks which can help you with that, like sharpening your pencil eye and lip liners with a pencil sharpener before each use in order to prevent crumbling or breaking at the wrong moment. There are also tricks that will help you visually correct the shape and size of your eyes and lips. We have gathered some of them here for you.

– If you want to waterproof the tip of your pencil eyeliner and soften it a little bit, hold it for a couple of seconds over an open flame, for example – a lighter or a lit match.
– If your eyes are sensitive or easily irritable, use a soft, light-colored eyeliner to trace the inner corner of the eye. This way you will not irritate the part of the eye that is the easiest to tear up, smudging your efforts.
– Test the integrity of your pencil before each use and re-sharpen it if there is any sign that it may crumble or break.
– Curl your eyelashes up to make your eyes look bigger.
– A thin white line on the upper lid, close to the lashes or on the inner half of the lid does a lot to brighten your eyes and give them a playful look.
– If your eye makeup turns out to be heavier than supposed or if it needs to be redone, you can brush it up or lighten it a little bit with a layer of light-colored shades with a pearly glow.
– The shape of your eyes can be restrictive when it comes to colors and tones of eye shadows. Lighter tones emphasize the eyes and make them stand out, while dark tones constrict the eyes and give them depth.
– Apply darker tones to the outer and lower part of the eyelid and lighter tones to inner and upper part of it in order to make the eye look fresh.

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– Neutral colors such as grey, brown and black are recommended for daily makeup.
– Matted or semi-matted tones are preferable according to most women, because they have no shine and thus no requirement of glamour in the clothes and jewelry.

– Pearly tones are very difficult to apply because they are bright and intense. You have to be careful when working with them if you are to avoid ruining your makeup with cumulation.
– Generally, dark complexions look good in deep, rich colors, while lighter complexions should go for the pastel tones.
– When creating your eye makeup, start at the part of the lid that is closest to the lashes. This way your makeup will look natural and not plastered on.

– If you are suffering from dark circles, use smoky makeup in brown or grey tones to cover them up.
– People with serious expressions and angular features should use makeup in warm, light tones which will help in softening their overall look a little bit.
– Makeup for green eyes – ocher and brown for day makeup; light purple and pink for the evening.
– Makeup for blue eyes – grey tones for the day and golden yellow for the nighttime.
– Makeup for brown eyes – bright ocher, pink, terracotta or honey-brown for the day and soft blue for the evenings.
– Makeup for black eyes – bright grey and pink as well as all smoky combinations of blue and black.


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