What are the ways to create full Hollywood lips?

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There are two basic methods of adding volume to the lips – a surgical correction with silicone implants or injection of certain solutions called “fillers”.

Fillers can be divided into two kinds – the kind that are eventually absorbed by the body and the kind that remain unabsorbed for the duration of a person’s life. It should be noted here that although the idea of injecting lifetime fillers sounds practical and alluring, it is still not completely known to scientists what exactly happens to the liquid silicone oil which is typically used as a non-absorbable filler. This is why we will refrain from recommending it.

The fillers that get absorbed in time can be very different, but they can be grouped into two basic types – hyaluronic and collagen fillers. The con and simultaneously pro of these fillers is that in a period from three months to two years they disintegrate and are absorbed by the body and unless there is an allergic reaction, they do not threaten the normal functioning of the lips in any way, not even in long-term aspects. Another plus is that the whole procedure of injecting these types of fillers takes 15-20 minutes. It is done under local anesthesia. The obvious negative is that the result is temporary and can even be as short-lived as just a few months.

A sure choice

Silicone lip implants were first developed by an American company and were tested for the first time in 2002. Clinics today have access to the newest products and solutions available on the market – high quality silicone implants which pose no threat to a person’s health whatsoever.

An important advantage in this procedure is that if the patient is not satisfied with the result, the implants can be taken out with minimum intervention and the former shape of the lips can be restored without risk of complications.

Lip implants are also several types and can differ in length and width, as well as in volume. The surgery that places them inside the lips is not traumatic. Small incisions (about 2mm long) are made to the inner corner of the lips, and since they are on the inner side, they are absolutely invisible. After this a small tunnel is drilled under the mucosa all the way to the muscle, without disrupting the muscle itself at all. The silicone implants are placed in this tunnel.

After the procedure the lips retain their functionality and their normal sensitivity with no damage to the articulation. There is only a small stitch made at each end of the lip, the thread of which dissolves in five days. There may be a little swelling which will disappear in 5 to 7 days.

The procedure is painless, done under local anesthesia, so the patient can go straight home afterwards. No hospitalization is required. In order to assess what the final effect of the implant will be you will have to give it a month to settle and become familiar to you and your body.


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