What do your lips say about you?

Image:© Valua Vitaly/Fotolia

There are different shapes and sizes of lips. Some are considered beautiful by the current social and fashion norms and every woman strives to conform her lips to this image. Little does she know that the natural shape and size of her lips is related to her character and temperament and this makes them perfect for her. 

Full lips are a symbol of sexuality and sexual allure. Their owners have a fine taste for sensual pleasure, whether it is sex, delicious food or beautiful things. Although very attractive, these people can be a little shallow.

Thin lips reveal a person of a more introverted character – closed, thoughtful, quiet but hardworking. This person has a sharp wit and a sharp tongue as well. He or she always speaks as he thinks and can sometimes be seen as harsh or tactless. These thin-lipped people are usually the best and most faithful kind of friends that you can always rely on.

The protruding upper lip is a sign that its owner is an ambitious, confident person. This is a man or woman you do not want to get in an argument with, because his/her confidence can turn into self-confidence and you will get the feeling that you are arguing with a stone wall.

A protruding lower lip is the giveaway of an insecure, self-centered and short-tempered person.

Sharply defined lips with a small upward tilt are usually the property of people with low self-value and self-esteem. They are conservative and prone to depression.



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