What kind of woman are you according to the tone of your lipstick

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Choosing the color of lipstick that will really complement you is a challenge for every woman. Selecting the right color is hard enough when you have to consider combining it with your hair color, eye color and complexion. This task is not made easier by the knowledge that the tone of your lipstick can also be used to define the type of woman you are. On the other hand, knowing what your lipstick says about your personality can be valuable information that you can use to your advantage in sending out subtle messages.

Peach tones

Lipstick in these nuances reveals an up-beat, lively and passionate woman; a vibrant, active person who enjoys life to the fullest. The golden fiery tones of this lipstick color speak of a free spirit with a positive outlook on life and a generally happy disposition.





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Rose tones

Lipstick in pink tones is very energizing and quite an effective attention-getter. This gentle and feminine color denotes a gentle and feminine nature, but with a passionate twist. The woman wearing rose lipstick is like deep waters – once you fall for her, there is no coming out of it. These sexy tones are equally suitable for blonds and brunettes.




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Wine color

This is the color of a true lady. It is usually the choice of exquisite, classy women with overwhelming charm and charisma. Usually ambitious, these women know what they want and how to get it and the wine-colored lipstick is their faithful ally. Lipstick in these nuances is suitable for brunettes and redheads.







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Dark cherry tones

This is probably the most seductive shade of lipstick you can imagine. The woman wearing it is an expert temptress, a passionate coquette, who has mastered the arts of flirting and seduction. Confident and with a high self-esteem, this woman is the true femme fatale.


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