What to do if you use too much face powder

Image:© photoCD/Fotolia

Using too much face powder is something that occasionally happens to everyone. If you have accidentally or by misjudgment put too much powder over certain parts of your face do not try to remove it. This will only smudge your makeup and you will have to start all over again. In this case simply apply a little more powder to the areas where it is visibly less. The other thing you can do is to brush off some of the excess powder with a clean fluffy brush. Use light and gentle controlled strokes to avoid disrupting the rest of your makeup.

If your makeup is water-resistant and you have overdone the face powder over your whole face you can use a spray bottle with mineral water and spray your face with it. The mineral water will absorb the excess face powder.

If you are using compact powder, it is best to apply it with a sponge or an applicator. Rub it with light circular motions. If you are applying compact powder to an already finished area do not try to cover the decorative makeup with it. It will definitely smudge and ruin the base as well as the decorative makeup. Do not store used applicators inside your compact powder container. This will shorten its life by making it crumbly.

Face powder should correspond to your natural complexion. It can be a tone lighter, but never darker! Dark powder looks unnatural, broadens the face and highlights small wrinkles as well as large ones. When selecting the right tone, keep in mind that creamy compact powder tends to make the complexion look darker than usual.


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