Which color of lipstick is best for you?

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Lipstick well applied is worth 50% of your whole makeup and look. This is why the makeup for your lips should be selected with care and taste.

These are the basic rules for beautiful lips and here is how you can make the most of yours:

  1. First you have to make your lips soft and elastic. Use a balm or moisturizing lotion to maintain your lips in a good hydrated condition.
  2. The best lip balm is made of natural ingredients and you can make it yourself by mixing one drop of honey, one drop of olive oil and one drop of almond oil. Massage your lips with this mixture before going to bed each night.
  3. Always remove all traces of makeup before going to bed.
  4. Drink a lot of water. A balanced diet and regular physical exercises will not only make your lips healthier, but will benefit your whole body.
  5. Avoid tobacco products, alcohol and all greasy, high-calorie foods.

How to form the perfect lips:

  1. Use light foundation or add a thin layer of face powder to your lips before you apply lip makeup. This will make your lipstick more durable.
  2. Outline the shape of your lips with a pencil lip liner in a color close to the one of your lipstick. This will prevent the lipstick from smearing outside the contour of your lips.
  3. Apply thr lipstick.
  4. Always use a brush applicator for lipstick application. Choose such a color that will look good with your outfit, hair and complexion.

Which is the right color for you?

                             Color of hair and complexion Recommended color of lipstick
                                  Blond hair, pale complexion – The brighter tones of red and burgundy
                                  Blond hair, dark complexion – Red with pink undertones
                                   Dark hair, pale complexion – Blood-red and burgundy
                                   Dark hair, dark complexion – Ruby and terracotta
                            Brunette with a light complexion – Light colors, pale tones of orange
                                    Red hair, dark complexion – Fiery red and brown
                                  Black hair, dark complexion – Bordeaux and strawberry red



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