Women lose 474 days of their lives in makeup

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Dear ladies, have you ever wondered how much time we women devote to caring for our appearance. Nowadays the contemporary woman has to look perfect at all times no matter what she does and where she is. We have to look beautiful in every aspect – our clothes, the hairstyle, the manicure and of course – the makeup. Here is some data on how much time we spend on doing our makeup.

On Saturdays and Sundays the makeup requires even more time – 24 minutes and if there is a great celebration, a party or some special event that the lady is going to attend – whole 76 minutes.

Women spend 474 days of their lives in makeup, established a study cited by the newspaper “Daily Star”.


The fact that women spend an awful lot of time in front of the mirror is known to every man, says the tabloid.

But now there is accurate data about that.

According to a study of the clinic for beauty, “Harvey Street”, any citizen of Her Majesty devotes weekly three hours and 19 minutes on makeup.

This makes a year and three months of her life.

In weekdays the British women apply cosmetics on their faces for an average time of 14.5 minutes.

On Saturdays and Sundays the makeup requires more time – 24 minutes and if there is a special occasion – whole 76 minutes!

The most time takes the beautification of the eyes – 17 minutes if there is an essential party. The clinic suggested to British women that they can save a lot of time if they use semi permanent makeup.

But according to the survey 93 percent of the respondents in any case would not have turned their backs on makeup because it is absolutely necessary before an evening going out.

Half of the respondents confided that they never go to work without makeup.

Only 32 per cent of British women would skip make up on business days, if they are in hurry in the morning.


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