Women spend two years in front of the mirror

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Some time ago, scientists estimated that the average person sleeps 24 years throughout his life. For the outfit, each of us needs from six months to three years. But it is interesting to establish this proportion compared to women and men.

The reason a large percentage of the relationships to fail at their very beginning is that every man has to wait a long time for his partner, who is standing for hours in front of the mirror.

But even the most impatient men have to accept that at least two years of their lives will go into waiting of their mate to be brought into a charming appearance. As a further reason men indicate the endless hours of shopping spent with her.

Average, a woman spends two years of her life to bring her outfit and herself in perfect shape. For nearly half of the women, however, this time is not enough and there are even precisely calculated cases in which it jumps to three years. For comparison, the average man loses only six months of his life in front of the mirror.

Every morning, women choose their daily vision about 40 minutes. For the same time men dress up, shave, bathe, read a newspaper, drink coffee, eat and so on…

If they have to go out at night, then for that women needed at least an hour and 12 minutes. And this time includes only the choice of a dress suitable bag and shoes.

Before those final touches she needs – 22 minutes to shower and shave her legs, seven minutes for applying moisturizing means, 23 minutes – for drying and straightening of the hair and 14 minutes for makeup.

The overall result of all these activities is that the average woman from all points on the planet spends between two and three years in front of the mirror. So, men, if you go out somewhere with your spouse, the minimum time you will have to wait once you yourself are ready to get out is about 17 minutes.

And this is the best option as there are cases in which for a single commonly walking to the local shop, the woman prepares from 40 minutes to an hour. Scary, isn’t it?


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