Blond style

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Blonds are always in style. What changes in fashion is not their hair color, but their look and makeup plays a big part in creating that look.

The eyes

If you want your eyes to seem bright and enlightened use all the light tones of pearly eye shadows – white, beige, pink, blue, green (not suitable for blue eyes), purple, etc. If you wish to wear heavier makeup do not use black eyeliner. Use dark-brown or dark-purple eyeliner instead.

Pearly shadows in the color of eggplant are an excellent choice for evening makeup.

If you want your eyes to look as natural as possible, trace them with a light-brown pencil eyeliner right above the upper lashes and on the inner side of the lower lashes. You can apply some peach shadows to the lid and finish off with brown mascara.

If you want to look original during the day combine pink shadows with blue mascara. Golden and green mascara are another excellent and original option for brown eyes.

If you are going for the femme fatale look, then use black eyeliner and black mascara. In this case you should also use matting face powder and your lipstick should be bright red with a glossy shine.

The eyebrows of natural blonds are usually light-colored and need to be highlighted. This can be accomplished by using a light-brown pencil eyeliner or a special eyebrow pencil in the same color. Tweeze your eyebrows carefully and apply a few strokes with the pencil, then spread them lightly along the length of the eyebrow, careful to color only the hair and not the skin underneath it.

The lips

Candy tones are the best for everyday makeup, such as pinks, peaches and the more neutral beige and champagne. Outline your lips with a white pearly lip liner and then add a pale toning lipstick. The semi-transparent pearly lipsticks are wonderful for this purpose. Beige lipsticks will also do the trick, unless they are combined with a dark lip liner. Use lip liner in nude colors or the same as the natural color of your lips. You can use such a lip liner even if you are planning on wearing nothing but some clear lip gloss. If your skin has a darker complexion, you can use bronze and golden tones, not only for your lips, but also for your eyes.

If you are afraid that blond hair will not look good on you, because you have dark skin, try adding a few blond highlights. Pop-diva Beyoncé Knowles is a great example of this approach. If you are dreaming of golden locks but are reluctant to dye your whole hair, highlights are an excellent option for you.


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