Extract of snail against wrinkles

Image: © yuriyzhuravov / Fotolia

From the Antiquity people have understood the healing properties of the snails. It is believed that in ancient Babylon and Egypt the snail was a symbol of eternity. In the Middle Ages and in modern times the healing actions of the slime part of the snail have been forgotten, or at least not benefited widely. This is due to many factors. The important thing is that in the last years scientists pay more attention in the studies of this specific organic substance. And how exactly the secretion of snails may be in favor of people and to successfully make cosmetics.


A number of studies and experiments have shown that the secretion from the glands of the snail has unique properties which are able to agglutinate the bacterial cells. These properties are used in the treatment of diseases such as ulcer and the like. In cosmetics these substances also have important applications. Unique is that snails are able to fully recover their shell thanks to the mucus. These regenerating properties of the mucus are used in the modern beautifying industry.


The cosmetic products like lotions for weight loss, creams for face and body, tonic and others that are based on the extract of snails are a good ally in the fight against acne, stretch marks, different types of scars. Widely used is the cream with snails as an anti-wrinkle cream as well as a rejuvenating cream. Not least, these creams are highly selected as a regenerating agent. The extract of snail mucus is clinically proven that does not cause allergic reactions. These substances are good and in the treatment of spots, warts, burns.


The unique mucus is used as an ingredient of the innovative cosmetics. It has strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Another extremely useful and sought impact is the creation of protective layer which is impervious to moisture, yet allows air. The secretion has a strong regenerating effect. This was noticed in the kennels for snails where the workers have had skin on the hands, gentle like of a child. The regenerating action of the extract of snails is due to the content of collagen, allantoin, and elastin.


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