Eyebrow care for men

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Taking care of your eyebrows is not a female thing. Men should also care for their eyebrows. The difference is that men don’t need to pluck each individual hair with the patience, daily dedication and precision that women do. Eyebrow maintenance for men is a once in a while event, but that does not make it unimportant. On the contrary – eyebrows are detrimental to the expression of your face.

Should you be messing with your eyebrows at all?

Before you decide to shape your eyebrows take a good look in the mirror to determine whether this is necessary. Don’t go out and buy tweezers just because someone said you should. Your appearance and maintenance are a matter of personal choice.

The most frequent problem – hair between the eyebrows

If you like the look of connecting eyebrows, by all means keep it that way. However if the hair between your eyebrows is a lot and you decide to remove it, use tweezers. Shaving it is a very bad idea, so do not be tempted to run the razor above your nose while shaving in the morning. Once you shave those hairs, you will have to do this daily, yet this method of hair removal is not at all precise and can cause skin irritation.

Eyebrows that are too long

If the hairs of your eyebrows have a tendency to stick out, before getting annoyed and doing anything rash try to locate where the problem is. Isolate the jutting hairs and clip the extra millimeters away with small manicure scissors. Do not cut too low! If your eyebrow hairs are too short they will continue to stick out, but will look much worse and far more unnatural than when they were longer.

Eyebrows that are too thick

Observe your eyebrows in the mirror after taking a shower. Brush them in the direction of the hair growth. Then use tweezers to remove a few of the extra hairs. Never tweeze more than one hair at a time. If you are in doubt, better wait. You can always pluck the hair out later, but you can’t plant it back in. When thinning out your eyebrows, do not overdo it. Keep the plucking to a minimum. Avoid removing hairs from the upper side of the eyebrow. Work from the nose outward.

Other methods

In beauty salons eyebrows are shaped with hot wax masks. However experimenting with hot wax at home can be dangerous, especially when using it on your face. Do not use hair-removal lotions either, because the skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive.

Very important!

Whatever you decide to do with your eyebrows, keep in mind that you will need not only tools such as scissors and tweezers, but also good lighting.

Also, if you are using tweezers to shape your eyebrows, use them for this job only. You can not use them for tweaking, fine-tuning and cleaning small objects. If you are going to use them on your eyebrows, they must be clean.


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