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There is hardly a woman in our present society that takes the power of full lips for granted. We all know how important they are in attracting attention and creating a sexy look. The lucky women whom nature has gifted with naturally full lips may find this easy. For the rest of us, there are tricks to help us create optical illusions and correct the shape and size of our lips in order to make them look tempting.

The most important thing that every woman should strive towards is healthy, smooth and soft lips. If your lips are cracked, use a scrub for cracked lips or place a cotton ball dipped in warm water over your lips for a few minutes. After this you can apply the gloss or lipstick of your choice and it will look good.

If your lips are dry, hydrate them with a moisturizing lotion every morning and evening or even more frequently if needed. This will soften and strengthen them.

Blend the foundation or face powder you are using and make sure it does not contrast with the tone of your eye and lip makeup. Use a pencil lip liner in a neutral tone to outline the lips, tracing their natural curves. Begin at the center of the upper lip and trace it all the way to the corner. Repeat for the opposite site and then do the same with the lower lip. After this add some of the pencil lip liner to the outer corner of the lip and use your finger to spread it toward the center. Stay within the lines of the contour. Use a brush to apply a small amount of the lipstick or gloss only to the center of the lip in order to add volume and shine.

If you want to make the thin lips look fuller, trace them with a light beige pencil, applying some of it to the inner corner of the lips as well. Fill in with the lipstick of your choice.

If your lips are too full you can visually reduce them by tracing them around the inner contour with a beige pencil and cover them up a little bit with foundation.

If the corners of your mouth are drooping, you can correct this by outlining them with a pencil and drawing the contour up a little bit. Use pink colored lipstick to further increase that effect.

If your upper lip is thinner than the lower one use two tones of pencil lip liner. Use the lighter tone to trace your lower lip and the darker tone to outline the contour of the upper lip.

If you need to wipe your lips for some reason, use a cotton ball dipped in some of the foundation you are currently wearing. This way you will prevent smearing and ruining the base of your makeup.

Use white pencil lip liner to draw the light to your lips.

The color of your lips should be in harmony with your complexion and the color of your outfit.

The most popular and preferred tones of lipstick are of the brownish pink shades.

If your teeth are not perfectly white, but are beginning to yellow, do not use lipsticks with a brown undertone. Use lip gloss or shiny lipsticks instead.

Deep red and dark pink are colors that give your smile a warm look.

The darker the skin, the better pink tones go with it. Dark-skinned women can wear cold colors beautifully, as well as the whole palette of pinks and coral tones.

Women with a pale complexion and light eyes look best in warm colors – honey-orange, gentle pink, etc.

Bronze skin does not look good in matted colors. Use shiny glamorous tones instead.


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