Great tips for full lips

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Full lips without surgery


Full lips could have any woman. You should not think that only the surgery is the solution. Not so! In order to get more thick and large lips without having to give crazy money for them, you should familiarize yourself with our wonderful advice.

They are easily achievable at home and can be made daily. No need to have something unique and one of a kind. It is important to have the desire to follow the tricks – everything else will come around easy.


Use a toothbrush


Take a toothbrush and massage for 30 seconds. Then apply a suitable balm on your lips. The massage will help to remove the dead skin, while at the same time will accelerate the flow of blood in the lips. They will look much more voluminous than before the procedure.


Oil of cinnamon or mint


Essential oil of cinnamon or mint is used for this trick. All you have to do is add a few drops in the lipstick or rather your gloss. Upon the application you will feel a slight pinching. This feeling will quickly pass. Thanks to the essential oil the lips acquire a nice pink color and will look thicker than before.


Be selective with your lipsticks and lip glosses


You need to use lighter glosses and lipsticks. The dark ones will make your lips look smaller. Given that you use matte lipstick, you have to put a small amount of gloss in the middle of the lower and the upper lip. This simple trick creates a feeling of bigger size. Best bet on the glosses.


Outline your lips


Start to mark out your lips with a concealer. Begin with the upper lip. Choose a concealer that is two tones lighter than your skin (preferably liquid). Spread it over the entire length in order to create more volume. Then begin to highlight and the lower lip, but with two tones darker concealer. Apply on the lower lip and at the beginning of the chin.


Full lips with easy tricks – no longer a mirage, right?


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