How to be the queen of the party

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The intelligently selected makeup is the thing that can make you the queen of the party. For long party nights with lots of action, such as New Year’s Eve you have to consider several things that will make your makeup perfect:

  • It has to be durable. If your makeup has to survive the night and in remain good condition, it is recommended that you use only quality products and make sure they are waterproof.
  • It has to be easy to correct. Choose such kinds of cosmetics that are easy to apply and correct in case you accidentally smudge them.
  • It has to be interesting. If you are to attract attention and look good on photos, you have to do something different and interesting.

New Year’s Eve also allows the use of such elements and tricks that would look tacky at any other time, such as fake eyelashes (which would give depth and expressiveness to your eyes), crystals (which would add a touch of fairy-tale magnificence to your look) or golden powder (which will turn your whole body into a great big jewel).

New Year’s Eve is the most inappropriate time to transform yourself into the femme fatale with her heavily decorated, almost gothic eyes and red lips. Makeup should be kept festive, bright and highlighting your own natural beauty. Which is why, it is better to use nude-colored lip gloss instead of bright-red lipstick. Use a golden-beige or peach blush to emphasize your cheekbones instead of the unnatural fuchsia tones which do not look good under artificial light anyway. Give extra attention to your foundation, because the even complexion is the most important part of an attractive appearance.

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Finally, here are some suggestions for party makeup:

The Ice Queen

This style is the embodiment of winter beauty. Frosted trees, glowing ice, the breathtaking whiteness of snow… in order to create such a look for yourself use silvery light-grey eye shadows and dark grey pencil eyeliner and mascara. Underline your cheekbones with a frosted peach blush and cover the lips with glitter gloss.

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The Sun Goddess

The total opposite of the ice queen, this makeup suggestion accentuates on the attractive, glamorous golden tones. You will perfectly correspond to the brightness and glamour of the event. Use bronze eyeliner and golden eye shadows, and for the lips – bright lipstick with honey undertones. To complete your look, highlight your cheekbones with bronze face powder and decorate your neck and shoulders with golden powder.

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Disco Girl

If you are planning on spending the whole party on the dance floor, this is the makeup for you! Apply turquoise eye shadows to your lids and candy-pink lipstick or gloss to your lips. Golden-bronze powder will give your skin a festive glow. Do not use blush because it will look too rough in combination with the extravagant makeup of your eyes.



Baroque Beauty

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If you prefer the classic femininity and are planning to go to a romantic party date, this is the perfect choice for you. Highlight the line of your eyebrows with dark-brown pencil and add a slight tinge of red to your cheekbones. Your flawless, light, matted complexion combined with terracotta lipstick and sparkly eyes will help you win your crush over.


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