How to care for your skin type

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In order to care for your skin properly you will have to know its type. In this article you will discover your skin type and learn what sort of care it requires.

Normal skin

Normal skin feels neither dry, nor oily. Its pores are visible, but are not large or clogged. It remains smooth after washing and still looks fresh and clean around noon. Occasionally spots can appear.

How to care for normal skin

Wash it often, rubbing it with light massaging motions. Use a night cream for normal skin. Remove your makeup with a makeup removal tonic and then apply a light moisturizer.

Dry skin

Dry skin is thin with papery texture. It feels dry, as if something is pulling on it. The pores look normal. After washing it feels tight, as if it is a size too small for your face. By noon flaky areas appear. Dry skin does not have spots.

How to care for dry skin

Use a makeup removal lotion and not a tonic, because tonics further dehydrate the skin. Washing with cold water is recommended, because this will refresh the skin and give it more elasticity. Use deep hydration lotions and creams, preferably ones with moisture retaining properties.

Oily skin

Well, oily skin feels greasy. Its texture is often rough. The pores are large and clogged with debris. It feels great after washing. Around noon this skin type is already greased and shiny. Spots appear often.

How to care for oily skin

Wash your face with cleansing foam. This way you will remove the grease and dirt, but retain the moisture. Use an alcohol based tonic to cleanse your face. It will dissolve the fats and act as a disinfectant. After it you will have to apply moisturizer, but make sure to use a light water-based kind. Give the lotion a few minutes to get absorbed by the skin and wipe the excess amount with a tissue.

Combined skin

The combined skin type is a mixture of normal, dry and oily skin in different areas of the face. Dryness is most often found in the area of the cheeks. Oily is the skin in the T-zone and the chin. After washing some areas feel dry, while others feel perfect. Around noon the T-zone is already shining with grease while the cheeks are noticeably dry. Most women are of the combined skin type.

How to care for combined skin

Use cleansing foam to wash your face in the morning. This keeps the oily areas clean and prevents the formation of blackheads. In the evening use a deep hydrating lotion to calm the dry areas.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is easily irritable. Typical reactions are itching, burning and flaking. After washing it feels dry and certain areas of it feel itchy. By noon it is already red and flaking. Spots appear occasionally.

How to care for sensitive skin

Do not wash your face with soap. Instead, use a hypoallergenic cleansing lotion. Make sure your lotions do not contain any perfume or alcohol. Use only products designed for sensitive skin. Fortunately, there are a lot of these on the market.


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