How to choose the right color for us according to our skin tone

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To each of us has happened to wear a blouse or put on a lipstick with a certain color and shine like a star, while a slightly different shade of the same color can create a tired and withered appearance. This is so because the first matches perfectly the tone and undertone of the skin, while the second not quite.


What does this mean? Many people do not realize the difference between the basic tone of the skin and its undertone. The basic skin tone is what we describe as tan, bright, matte, dark tan. Its undertone is the color that have the deeper layers of the skin. So, two people of the same complexion can be radically different because they have different undertone of the skin.



The secondary color is divided into three types:


Cold: pink and red undertone

Warm, yellow, peach, golden undertone

Neutral: a mix of both.


When it comes to fashion and cosmetics the two undertones are essential for determining the appropriate color clothing or makeup. It is often mentioned that the correct type definition is the key to our overall appearance. To determine, however, to which type we belong, still remains not an easy task.


Here are some tips on how to determine if your skin is warm or cold type.


  1. What do the veins say:

Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. What color are they: blue or green? If they look blue, it is more likely that you are cold type. If they look greenish, then you are a warm tone. The veins of the “hot” girls appear green because their undertone is yellow. And yellow + blue = green.


  1. The trick with the jewels:

Pay attention to the jewels that suit you. Not those that you love to wear, but those that really look good on you and make you glow. Are they gold or silver? The girls with cold undertone look better with silver jewelry. Those with warm undertone – with gold.


  1. The neutral test:

Think about the neutral colors that suit you the most. Whether your eyes, hair and skin shine when you are dressed in sparkling white or black, or the beige-brown range is your neutral friend? The first choice defines the cold undertone, the second – the warm.


  1. The color of the eyes and hair also speaks:

The natural color of your hair and your eyes can also help in determining the undertone. Usually “the cold” people have gray, blue or green eyes, and their hair is blond, brown or black with gray, blue, violet or ashy shades. For their part “the warm” people have brown, amber or hazel colored eyes, while there is hair blond, red, brown or black with gold, red, orange or purple shades.


  1. The effect of the sun:

How does your skin react your to the sun? Does it acquire a golden tan or first turns pink (even burns) and then turns black? If the first applies to you, then you are warm type. If you recognize yourself in the second – you are cold type.


  1. Star similarities:

Think of a celebrity that has the same skin like yours. Some of the stars of cold type are: January Jones, Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, Cara Delevingne. “Warm” celebrities are: Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba, Rachel Bilson, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce.


  1. Find out your color:

Once we determine to which type we belong, it is time to define and the colors that suit us. The women who belong to the warm type, should be directed to yellow, orange, brown, yellow-green, red tones. The representatives of the cold type will look best in blue, green, pink, violet, blue-green, cyclamen.


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