How to choose your day cream

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The day cream should be evenly spread over the whole area of the face, neck and upper chest. When it is applied after washing and cleansing, it helps the skin retain moisture and improves its deep hydration. The day cream nourishes and protects the skin throughout the day.

When choosing your day cream you should take the season under consideration. In the cold seasons use a fatty, nourishing cream and for the warmer seasons use a light, moisturizing cream with a sufficient sun protection factor. Winter day creams should also have an SPF since the winter sun is not at all harmless.

The combination of ingredients in the day cream regulates the acidity of the skin keeping it neutral while stimulating its metabolism.

The quality day cream does not clog the pores and allows the skin to breathe. The mixture of moisturizing components (including pro-vitamin B5) and oils which create a protective film over the skin make the day cream suitable to be used as a base for makeup. Day cream protects the skin from drying as well as from the harmful effects of the environment.

Choose your day cream according to the type of your skin.

Dry skin should strive to regenerate and maintain its lipid balance. For this we can recommend Vichy Oligo 25 for dry skin or Biotherm Nutrisource.

Oily skin needs matting and protection. Try using Avene Cleanance K or Lush Enzymion.

What sensitive skin needs is a hypoallergenic day cream that will do its work without irritating it. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief or Oligodermie Extreme Softness should do the trick.

The needs of your skin change with the advancement of age, which is why the cosmetics you use should be age appropriate. Do not use lifting or tightening day creams prematurely. Use cosmetics for mature skin (such as Lancome Absolue Premium Bx Advanced Replenishing Cream) only after the age of 45.

If you use decorative cosmetics rarely or none at all, then the ideal day cream for you is the toning one. It protects the skin from the sun, wind and dust, provides moisture to the deeper layers of the epidermis and gives your face a healthy glow. Try any of the following toning day creams: Clarins Cream de Soins Multi-Hydratante Teintee, Estee Lauder DayWear or DayWear Plus and Janssen Cosmeceutical SPF-16 Tinted Day Protection.


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