How to diversify your makeup

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Some people like to break the stereotypes and diversify their usual makeup with fresh ideas. Here you will find a few suggestions of unusual color combinations which can create a fresh and sexy look.

The unlikely combination of violet and melon

Shiny blue eye shadows are sure to attract attention. When wearing them, we instinctively try to make the rest of our features less noticeable. Not this time! Eyes surrounded in blue look even more mesmerizing in combination with bright red lips. When applying shadows in such and intense color you have to be extra careful to spread them only over the eyelid with just a little bit of them going over the fold. After that trace the contour of the eyes with a gray pencil eyeliner. Apply peach blush to your cheekbones and cover your lips in lipstick the color of ripe melon. If your lipstick has no shine, apply a layer of clear gloss to make your lips look more appealing.

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Metallic shine in combination with wild berries

Instead of combining bronze with the standard nude tones give yourself a pair of stunning fruity lips. Bronzing face powder is the ideal solution for adding a sunny element to your winter look. Instead of using the typical clear or brown lip gloss go for raspberry. The contrast created between the warm bronze tones of your eye-shadows and the cold edge of your raspberry lips is guaranteed to draw attention. You can also add a touch of shiny face powder to the tip of your cheekbones for an even brighter appearance. To make your lips look full and juicy, first trace them with a raspberry colored pencil lip liner and fill in with lipstick in the same color. Since this will draw attention to your lips and cheeks choose a more neutral tone for the eyes, such as salmon.






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Pale pink smoky makeup

Smoky makeup can be compared to a lace corset or fishnet stockings in its seductive effect. What would be even hotter is if you add a touch of pink to your cat-eye makeup and lips. Start with the eyes, framing them with a black eyeliner. Add pearly charcoal shadows to the whole upper lid, blending them with the eyeliner. Use a sponge or brush applicator for best results. Spread some of the shades to the lower lid. Make your cheeks look fresh with a dash of pink blush. Finally cover your lips in baby pink lipstick with a slight lavender undertone.


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