How to look perfect in pictures

Image:© Valua Vitaly/Fotolia

The most important element in photo sessions is the lighting. The kind of lighting depends on the height and width of the venue. You can correct the effects of the light with the right makeup.

– Clean your face 10 or 15 minutes before you apply foundation and wait for it to dry completely before beginning your makeup. This makes the skin look brighter.

– Foundation should have no shine. Use a matting variety.

– If there is a certain area of your face that is especially flaky, do not apply a lot of foundation to it, because this will draw attention to this particular area.

– If you are taking night-time photographs, be careful with the yellow nuances. Yellow is a very reflective color and if you are using flash, your photo will turn out too bright. Go for the pink tones instead – they balance out the rest of the colors and do not reflect as much.

– Put some blush on your cheekbones, forehead, chin and the tip of your nose. Apply it with a large brush and quick strokes in order to avoid using too much. Dip the brush in the blush container only once and blow it out before brushing your face.

– Pluck your eyebrows a day or two before the photo session. Eyebrows highlight your eyes and their shape is very important for the whole expression of your face.

– Use volume mascara in order to make your eyes look larger, brighter and more expressive.

– Trace your lips with pencil lip liner. If you have a small face, keep the lip liner and lipstick to a minimum, otherwise your mouth will look too big for your features.

– Avoid using light colored pencil lip liners, because they do not look good in pictures.

–  Never use anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You should feel good, calm and relaxed throughout the whole session.


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