How to stand out on New Year’s Eve

Image:© Olga Ekaterincheva/Fotolia

New Year’s Eve is among the most glamorous celebrations of the year, where every woman strives to look her best. This is often achieved at the expense of comfort, but is it possible to look your best and feel your best simultaneously?

Yes, and here is how:

Warm tones in the cold night

New Year’s Eve is a night associated with dancing and flirting. Regardless of the low temperatures it is one of the hottest nights of the year. This is why you should avoid matting nuances. Go for red or pink lipstick and use light-reflecting face powder.

Mascara a la Marilyn

Choose waterproof mascara if you plan on dancing, because any other kind will smudge. If you are feeling brave you can go for fake eyelashes, but don’t combine the two options.

In order to be more festive you can choose mascara in unusual colors such as golden yellow, frosted silver, cold blue or pale violet.

Bright? Bright!

Use permanent lipstick to make sure that your lips will preserve their color throughout the night. It also has the benefit of not leaving smudged prints on wine glasses. The color of your lipstick should be bright and shiny.

For sparkling eyes

Image:© Olga Ekaterincheva/Fotolia

This is the one night of the year when glitter is not considered flashy. Use glitter eye shadows or add extra glitter to your regular shadows for more spark.

However, try to avoid using too much glitter. If you have decided to spark up your eyelids, refrain from applying any to your cheekbones and sides. Keep it tasteful and don’t go over to the tacky side.

Discrete luxury

New Year’s Eve is the time when you are allowed to look shiny and glamorous, but try to judge things well. Otherwise you will be shedding glitter in the taxi cab or your makeup will start falling while you are having fun on the dance floor. It is better to be discrete than flashy, because then your misjudgments are more noticeable.


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