Is scrubbing actually a time-bomb?

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Scrubbing is a handy way to cleanse and smooth the epidermis. The choice of a scrub product should be influenced by the type of skin it is going to be used on and the effect we are trying to achieve with its use.

Mechanical scrubbing is the most common kind of scrubbing. It is very suitable for thick oily skin. You can do it once a week after cleansing the face with foam or gel. The scrub paste should be applied to moist skin and rubbed into it with a circular motion. You can either use your hands or a scrub brush in order to apply scrub products. Whether coarse or fine, exfoliators remove the layers of dead skin. Mechanical scrubbing can also be done with liquid exfoliators which contain active microspheres that dissolve during the procedure. Another method of mechanical scrubbing is the mask method, where a certain product, most often a paste, is spread over the skin, but not rubbed. After it dries it is removed with water and the skin is left clean and renewed. Such masks should be used no more than twice a week.

Enzyme is another kind of scrubbing, which is performed only in cosmetic salons. It is suitable for extremely sensitive skin. Apart from cleansing and smoothing, this method also calms reddening areas, enhances the healing of wounds and capillaries and controls sebum secretion. When used regularly, this procedure can also decrease enlarged pores, dry out oily skin, fade spots and stimulate the healing properties in skin prone to acne. The cleansing and rejuvenating effect can be noticed after the first procedure.

Chemical scrub should be performed only by a specialist. The essence of this procedure is treating the skin with different solutions of fruit acids which induces a gentle peeling of horny cells. The epidermis is renewed, small wrinkles are smoothed away, enlarged pores contract and spots fade.

Granted, all this sounds wonderful and healthy, but scrubbing is a double edged sword. Be very careful to never overdo it or use it more often than you should, because by cleansing the layer of dead cells scrubbing can also remove part of the skin’s natural defenses against environmental hazards.


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