Kinds of mascara

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Today making your eyes look just the way you want them to is easy, thanks to the development of the cosmetic industry, which is ready with a product for every demand and whim. Women have a lot of requirements, especially when it comes to the mascara. Here is a quick guide to the kinds of mascara available on the market today and the types of brush applicators they are using.

Thickening mascara

This type of mascara is ideal for women with thin, light-colored lashes. Cosmetic companies offer paraffin or wax based mascaras with the use of which you will achieve considerable thickness.

Lengthening mascara

This kind of mascaras usually contain ingredients such as synthetic silk, nylon and polymers which are chiefly responsible for creating the effect of long lashes.

Highlighting mascara

There are special mascaras with brush or comb applicators which are designed to separate each hair of the lashes, making them look thicker and longer, creating a beautiful frame for the eye.

Anti-clustering mascara

Instead of nylon and polymers, this mascara contains special gel of foam which prevents the lash hairs of clustering together. When using this type of mascara, you have to apply at least three coats.

Color mascara

These products are usually recommended for women with fair complexion and light-colored hair in order to highlight their lashes while simultaneously avoiding the heavy effect black mascara has on them.

Waterproof mascara

This kind of mascara is not suitable only for emotional girls, but is also recommended for the hot summer days and nights when perspiration or air humidity is a real threat to the durability of makeup.

The brush

The brush of your mascara is of utmost importance. Its shape and density are crucial to its effect.

The arched brush is used for curling the lashes upward.

The thick and hard brush thickens the lashes by covering each hair individually.

The spiral is the most common kind of brush. It has short fibers which are great for a thorough coverage.

The double effect brush has short fibers and is thicker, even bulging in the middle. It is most suitable for covering thin lashes.

Finding the right mascara and brush for you requires some experimenting, trials and errors. The important thing is to not get discouraged. You will eventually find the mascara you can’t live without.



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